Located about 4 miles pass the east end of Roatan, Pigeon Cay is a hot destination for those looking to explore and experience islands style adventures. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and a few nearby islands such as Morat and Barbarreta, this place will captivate you with its natural beauty and the view that comes with it.

Taking off from West Bay Beach (aka Tabyana Beach) we’ll take you on an expedition around the entire island of Roatan, 360 degrees, you’ll see it all!!! The entire North Shore, with its amazing snorkeling options, deserted beaches, gorgeous turquoise waters and many breathe taking sites along the way, also the community of Santa Helena where a delicious lunch is serve and enjoyed surrounded by the amazing view of the place.

Once at Pigeon Cay, you can relax and enjoy a lot of beach time, colorful waters and one of the best snorkeling sites the world has to offer. On the way back, we’ll cruise through the Southside of Roatan, passing every village along the way, pointing out key areas and land marks, getting in and out of channels to give you an up-close view as we ride towards the sunset heading west.


-Open bar with unlimited beer, vodka and rum, with juices, sodas and water to keep everyone hydrated, chips and dip, fruit platters and a meal cooked on a traditional way that includes; lobster, lion fish, rice, beans, island style coleslaw and plantain chips.
-Snorkeling equipment and floating noodles available for those who need it. We also carry beach umbrellas to cover you from the sun.